Devil Santa Claus

Who is the masked spirit behind the “Ho Ho Ho”?! Perhaps the history of his greeting can give us a clue? Long before department store Santas uttered “Ho Ho Ho,” members of the Wild Hunt announced their demonic raging through the night between Christmas and Epiphany (Please refer to yesterday’s post: It was also the devil’s entry line in medieval mystery plays.

So Dana Karvey’s hilarious Saturday Night Live Church Lady skit is actually based on truth?! Most good humor is, by the way. Remember when he spelled out the word “Santa” with magnetic letters on a white board; then rearranged them to spell “Satan”?

History Professor Jeffrey Burton Russell incredibly agrees with the tongue-in-cheek Santa-Satan assessment of the Church Lady. Russell wrote “The Prince of Darkness”, which draws attention to the historical dark links between Satan and Santa Claus. This is a link many Christians have sought to ignore or minimize. From a European folklore viewpoint, Russell notes: “The Devil lives in the far north and drives reindeer; he wears a suit of red fur; he goes down chimneys in the guise of Black Jack or the Black Man covered in soot; as Black Peter he carries a large sack into which he pops sins or sinners (including naughty children); he carries a stick or cane to thrash the guilty (now he merely brings candy canes); he flies through the air with the help of strange animals; food and wine are left out for him as a bribe to secure his favors. The Devil’s nickname ‘Old Nick’ derives directly from Saint Nicholas. Nicholas was often associated with fertility cults, hence with fruit, nuts, and fruitcake, his characteristic gifts.”

Santa - Nightmare Before Christmas

If you ask most Christians who have the Santa Claus tradition included in their Christmas morning routine, they will most likely tell you that Santa Claus is based on a real saint. The history and legend of Saint Nicholas is so intertwined that the only things that we can say for sure about him is the general time he lived and where he was located. I base this assertion on the Catholic Encyclopedia: “Though he is one of the most popular saints in the Greek as well as the Latin Church, there is scarcely anything historically certain about him except that he was Bishop of Myra in the fourth century.” Saint Nicholas is said to be renowned for his generosity, miracles, and love of children. He supposedly dropped coins down the chimney to preserve his anonymity and the dignity of his recipients. Bishop Nicholas of Myra may have become the first official Saint Nicholas, but this is not Santa’s sole point of origin or his earliest. (Please see for more revelation.)

The power, which stands behind the jolly old man of Christmas, goes way back – back to the beginning of recorded history and beyond. The worldly figure of Santa really derives from an even earlier set of figures – the shamans who were the first magicians of the human race. The very notion of a gift giver descending from a high place bearing gifts can be traced back to the shaman’s climbing up the world tree to reach the other-world, then returning with gifts for everyone. These were not toys or IPODS, but messages concerning the year to come and/or the fate of the world. The celebration of the returning of the sun, and its worldly blessing for the New Year, connects people to the controlling god of this world through his shamanistic priests (whether magicians or images of St. Nick).

Santa - Yoda

The shamans, from whom we get some of our Christmas traditions, were all over the world; but for obvious reasons we will focus on those who originate in the North. Please note that the devil proclaimed: “I will raise my throne above the stars of God. And I will sit on the mount of assembly in the recesses of the north” (Isaiah 14:13-14). Why does the devil want to sit enthroned in the recesses of the north? Psalm 48 says that Mount Zion, which is beautiful in elevation and the joy of the whole earth, is in the far north. George Otis Jr. reveals that “the far north is well beyond the polluted atmosphere of imaginary gods and fallen angels Only on Mount Zion can the true God be found.” The northern shamans often wore bells on their ritual red robes trimmed in white and, as mentioned before, shinned up and down the central pole (i.e. tree) adorned with sun images in their skin tent to receive messages from the other-world. Remember that their central pole represented the axis of the world, which led to the shaman’s final demonic destination. The father figure of Christmas (i.e. Santa Claus) and his shamanistic predecessors were first said to be the midwives of the sun.

Prior to 1823, Santa Claus neither had reindeer nor the ability to fly or descend chimneys. “These elements arrived with the publication of Clement Clarke Moore’s classic poem A Visit from Saint Nicholas (or The Night Before Christmas). Some have speculated that Moore, a professor of Oriental languages, drew his inspiration from the rituals of Siberia’s Koryak, Kamchandal and Chukchi peoples – rituals that, to this day, include the worship of the “great reindeer spirit.“ The only person who can communicate with the reindeer spirit, according to these traditional societies, is the tribal shaman, who does so by eating the fly agaric mushroom. Once entranced, he ‘flies’ to the spirit world, where he collects messages and ‘gifts’ in the shape of new songs, dances and stories for the tribe. Interestingly, the shaman enters the realm of the spirits through the smoke hole on the roof on his yurt, or hide tent.”

Movie - Santa Claws

I happened to be watching CNN when they featured a special Christmas Display in England called “Satan’s Grotto,” where kids get a “free” gift of an eyeball or severed finger, plus the additional chance to sign their life away. CNN said it was all tongue-cheek, but the picture of the horned-one in a Santa suit was telling. There is more truth to this tongue-in-cheek caricature of Satan as Santa than many would care to admit. The devil is prideful and enjoys revealing what he’s involved in, but you have to look very carefully because he continually masks as an angel of light while his character is based solely on lies and deception.

Santa Claus’ association with Christmas is not an accident or a coincidence. He is inextricably connected to the Saturn roots of Christmas whether Christians participate in his “Ho… Ho… Ho…” tradition or not. Just casually pay attention during the Christmas Season and you will see that Santa Claus is one of the most common and celebrated sight of the holiday.

If Santa is really Satan masked in disguise one should find death as its root and fruits, and we do. We could go into this subject for days and days. Please allow me to point out probably the most grievous root of Christmas in my mind – child sacrifice. Do you think that it’s a mere coincidence that enthroned Chemosh (worshipped by the Moabites), Mithra (from Persia, worshipped in Rome), and Tammuz (of Babylon fame) wore the same Phrygian cap as Santa Claus?

Moloch - Stocking Nursery

In Michael Rood’s enlightening book “The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed, Truth vs. Tradition”, he expounds that Chemosh was the pagan god of prosperity that was the same cast iron, pot-bellied god of their kin, the Ammonites, who was worshipped by the name of Molech or Moloch. At the time of the winter solstice on the ancient calendar, they had a public child mass. “Mass” literally means sacrifice in this context. “The priests stoked the iron image of the enthroned Chemosh with wood and burning pitch, which turned the idol into a cherry red furnace. Moabite people made long lists of their desires, and recited them to the god of prosperity just before they put their infant children into the red-hot lap of their god with his Phrygian cap. As the babies were incinerated during the December 25th child mass, the people were assured that their sacrifices would be rewarded in the coming year.” Michael Rood has an interesting perspective: “A month before the birthday of Tammuz (December 25th) we have our children make endless lists to a cherry-red pot-bellied god of prosperity, and then we place our terrified children in the lap of this god who wears his Phrygian cap and sits on his throne in the shopping malls.” Minimally, I believe that each Christmas we currently sacrifice our children’s well being to gods of prosperity creating the unrighteous dispositions of being demanding and spoiled. Am I the only parent to experience my child’s ungrateful complaint, “Is that it?” when he had just opened a boatload of gifts?

~ Robin Main

* This is a CLARION CALL to His Pure & Spotless Bride. Yeshua (Jesus) is saying, “The mixture of Christmas grieves My heart. Come out of Babylon and lay down Christmas, for I WILL have a pure and spotless Bride.”


NOTE: I yield to LOVE who is asking that I reveal the darker side of Christmas this season in a series called “THIS IS CHRISTMAS.” Personally, I prefer to focus on the King of kings and His Kingdom.

Warning – This series will shake your man-made and religious traditions to the core, if you are a Christian. If you are not a Christian, it will confirm what you already know deep down inside. I have found when I, as a Christian, admit the historical and Scriptural accuracy as it relates to Christmas, those who are not Christians are pleasantly surprised. They laugh and it creates an open dialogue. When pagans, witches, Hindus, Buddhists, Satanists, etc run into His unconditional love that is joined with a serving of His Truth, I’m seeing walls come down and His light and love illuminating their world.

We will start out with some of the more tame topics. Then strap on your seat belts folks, because it’s a rough roller coaster ride that’s going to take us literally to the depths of hell and to the heights of man building a name and kingdom for themselves.


Originally posted on 12-20-13 –


Copyright Dec. 20, 2013 – Author: Robin Main.

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Robin's premier quest is to love people and love God with all her heart, soul & strength, because without love we all are nothing. After making a vow to Jesus's face during a personal epiphaneous appearance, she wrote a book -- SANTA-TIZING: What's wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up" to share the mysteries she discovered while searching for where Christmas comes from. There are revelations in SANTATIZING that you will not find anywhere else. So throw away the template for Christmas books and come walk on the kingdom side in an examination of America's most loved holiday. Critical thinking is a must while looking through this lens of history and Scripture. You'll be intrigued and enlightened. What's wrong with Christmas? Plenty. This book shines light on various troubling issues in celebrating a Christian Christmas. How to clean it up? This will be determined by you and your family. Since we have an abundance of traditions, memories, and reasons to stay just the way we are (and possibly miss out on becoming part of His Pure & Spotless Bride), SANTA-TIZING primarily explores the valley of the shadows. Please know that in God's Kingdom no person is forced to do anything against their will. Give em heaven!!!
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