Hanukkah 2015 - Day 4 Bridal Increase

“She has no fear of the future. The trials just drive her deeper. She has new technology within her, because her very DNA has been changed through communing with Him… the very desire she is consumed with. A fire goes before her and burns up her enemies. The light of God becomes a city and wherever she goes she brings the dance, and the city falls in step with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords who is above all and worthy of all praise, attention and adoration. The increase is on. We are in a season of INCREASE.”

~ Michelle Samuelson
A glimpse into a Mystic Mentoring (In Christ) Group Ascension


If you are interested in Mystic Mentoring (in Christ) Group Ascensions, please request to be added to the “Mystic Mentoring (in Christ) Tribe” or the “MM Tribe” Facebook Group => Know that we are in the midst of transitioning from the “Portal To Zion” to “MM (in Christ) Tribe” Facebook Group.



About Robin Main

Robin's premier quest is to love people and love God with all her heart, soul & strength, because without love we all are nothing. After making a vow to Jesus's face during a personal epiphaneous appearance, she wrote a book -- SANTA-TIZING: What's wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up" to share the mysteries she discovered while searching for where Christmas comes from. There are revelations in SANTATIZING that you will not find anywhere else. So throw away the template for Christmas books and come walk on the kingdom side in an examination of America's most loved holiday. Critical thinking is a must while looking through this lens of history and Scripture. You'll be intrigued and enlightened. What's wrong with Christmas? Plenty. This book shines light on various troubling issues in celebrating a Christian Christmas. How to clean it up? This will be determined by you and your family. Since we have an abundance of traditions, memories, and reasons to stay just the way we are (and possibly miss out on becoming part of His Pure & Spotless Bride), SANTA-TIZING primarily explores the valley of the shadows. Please know that in God's Kingdom no person is forced to do anything against their will. Give em heaven!!!
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