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Those who enter God’s Rest hear His voice. There is a voice that speaks from the firmament when the New Living Creature of the Order of Melchizedek stands still… when they rest (Ezekiel 1:26).

This voice is also spoken of three times in the Book of Hebrews chapters 3-4:

“Now Moses was faithful in all His house as a servant, for a testimony of those things which were spoken later; but Christ was faithful as a Son over His house – whose house we are, if we hold fast our confidence and boast of our hope firm until the end. Therefore, just as THE HOLY SPIRIT SAYS, ‘TODAY IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE, DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEARTS as when they provoked Me, as in the day of trial in the wilderness, where your fathers tried Me by testing Me, and saw My works for forty years, Therefore I was angry with this generation, and said, ‘They always go astray in their heart and they did not know My ways; as I swore in My wrath. ‘They shall not enter My rest’ ” (Hebrews 3:5-11 NASB).

“Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God. But encourage one anther day after day, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. For we have become partakers of Christ, if we hold fast the beginning of our assurance firm until the end, while it is said, ‘TODAY IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE, DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEARTS, as when they provoked Me.’ For who provoked Him when they had heard? Indeed, did not all those who came out of Egypt by Moses? And with whom was He angry for forty years? Was it not those who sinned, whose bodies fell in the wilderness? And to whom did He swear that they would not enter His rest, but to those who were disobedient? So we see that they were not able to enter because of unbelief” (Hebrews 3:12-19 NASB).

“Therefore, let us fear if, while a promise remains of entering His rest, any one of you may seem to have come short of it. For indeed we have had good news preached to us, just as they also; but the word they heard did not profit them, because it was not united with faith in those who heard. For we who have believed enter that rest just as He has said, ‘As I swore in My wrath they shall not enter My rest,’ although His works were finished from the foundation of the world. For He has said somewhere concerning the seventh day: ‘And God rested on the seventh day from all His works,’ and again in this passage, ‘They shall not enter My rest.’ Therefore, since it remains for some to enter it, and those who formerly had good news preached to them failed to enter because of disobedience, He again fixes a certain day, ‘Today,’ saying through David after so long a time just as has been said before, ‘TODAY IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE, DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEARTS.’ For if Joshua had given them rest, He would not have spoken of another day after that. So there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God” (Hebrews 4:1-8 NASB).

The Holy Spirit, the Messiah (Christ) and Melchizedek David have all testified: “Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.” Let’s all remember these common ingredients for NOT entering God’s rest:

[1] Hardening your heart (Heb 3:8; Heb 3:15; Heb 4:7).

[2] Going astray in your heart and not knowing His ways (Heb 3:10).

[3] Unbelieving hearts that fall away from the living God (Heb 3:12).

[4] Hardening your heart by the deceitfulness of sin (Heb 3:13).

[5] Repeating the sins of God’s people in the wilderness, like the Golden Calf (Heb 3:17).

[6] Disobedient people who didn’t obey God, because they didn’t believe Him (Heb 3:19).

[7] The good news that they heard didn’t profit them, because it was not united with faith (Heb 4:2).

[8] Those who have had the good news preached to them failed to enter God’s rest due to their disobedience (Heb 4:6).

But more importantly, let’s remember these common ingredients FOR ENTERING HIS REST:

[1] The Son of God who is the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek shows us the pattern of being a faithful SON over God’s House, whose house we are if we hold firm until the end (Heb 3:6; Heb 4:14).

[2] People with faithful hearts who know His ways (Heb 3:10).

[3] Cleaving to the Living God and desiring His will only (Heb 3:12).

[4] We are partakers of Christ if we hold fast from the beginning of our assurance, and we remain firm until the end (Heb 3:14).

[5] Our obedience shows our belief in what God says (Heb 3:18-19). Or as the Hebrew Shema communicates, there are three steps to entering His rest: {1} Hear {2} Understand {3} Do or obey.

[6] Ask for the fear of the Lord to help you to enter His rest (Heb 4:1), so you will love what He loves and hate what He hates.

[7] Hear the Good News and unite it with the faith that will please God (Heb 4:2).

[8] Believe God and enter his rest (Heb 4:3), for God is watching over His Word to perform it through you when the right time, place and circumstances happens according to His heart.

[9] Enter the Sabbath Rest for God’s people (Heb 4:3-9).

The Lord is looking for a people who have entered His Sabbath Rest. These people are those in His Melchizedek Army. The “Dead Seas Scrolls” speak of the “Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice” that were sung to Melchizedek during God’s Temple (4Q400-407, 11Q17, Mas1k).

In this Kingdom Day, the ones who mature to become angelic priests of the Order of Melchizedek will maintain the purity of the heavenly temple through obedience to divine laws, and they will conduct His heavenly sacrificial service.


~ Robin Main

Copyright Dec. 26, 2015 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main


For more on the GOLDEN CALF, which caused people to not enter His Rest:









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