Do you know where Christmas has been, where it’s currently, and where it’s going? In a nutshell, this is the roadmap for SANTA-TIZING: WHAT’S WRONG WITH CHRISTMAS AND HOW TO CLEAN IT UP. This haunting glimpse into the ghosts of Christmas past, present & future will intrigue and enlighten you. Throw away your template for Christmas books and take a revelatory journey into this penetrating examination of America’s most loved holiday. 

With the unique ability to speak to people who celebrate Christmas religiously, commercially or to those who want no part of it, this blog will sometimes serve up the usual Christmas fair in a fun examination of Christmas and its history, and sometimes I will take a walk on the more controversial side. In fact, the roots and fruits of the yearly Christmas controversies are one of my specialties. I definitely have a unique viewpoint. My family is Christian; we laid down Christmas when my son was five-years-old. We celebrated Christmas in all its glory for years prior, even for generations. I have significant opinions about Christmas (having sifted through the sands of time for over 12 years to discover hidden facts about Christmas), but my aim is to exhibit unconditional love to everyone as well as provoking some historically/ Scripturally accurate critical thinking.

BTW – My dream interview would be to mix-it-up with Mr. Bill O’Reilly 😉 Reality Check, anyone? 🙂

3 Responses to About

  1. Corey D. Brew says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Beth says:

    I have been so blessed with your Scripturally accurate critical thinking ! Thank you, Robin!

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