Chanukah Day 7 – Devotional Reading
Originally published 12-03-2013

The Beautiful Gate of the Feast of Dedication (Chanukah) opens a greater grace to becoming one with Him as His pure and spotless Bride. This is a time when Yah (God) Himself is literally communicating to individual members of His Body how He wants our temples dedicated as holy. Possibly the greatest mystery concealed within His Winter One-der-land of Chanukah speaks about cleansing our temple from the mystery of iniquity during this season to dedicate it anew for a holy purpose.

Within the DNA of Chanukah is the struggle between two kingdoms. The Syrian-Greeks are a picture of the Kingdom of Self while the faithful remnant of Yah’s people epitomize the Kingdom of God. Yah declared something noteworthy when He choose to stamp His salvation with a miracle of light. Recall that not only does Chanukah celebrate His people’s military victory by a small ragtag righteous remnant, but the miraculous provision of oil needed to light God’s Temple so they could clean it out and rededicate it to the Lord. Their struggle was more than a fight for self-respect and freedom. Chanukah is a picture of Yah’s people waging a war of light against darkness.

Jewish Sages have chosen the term “darkness” to describe the Antichrist of this age. The villain of the Chanukah story is the Syrian-Greek King Antiochus Epiphanes IV. Antiochus, who took the name Epiphanes – God manifest – is rightly portrayed as an Antichrist. Not only did he pollute God’s altar by offering up a pig (the most profane sacrifice possible) on the 15th of Kislev in 168 BC, but he forced God’s people to bow before a false Greek sun god (Zeus) under the penalty of death beginning on the 25th of Kislev. This portrays a primary issue that the Lord our God is asking His people to cleanse in our day. WE NEED TO CLOSELY EXAMINE THE THINGS THAT WE ARE SACRIFICING ON GOD’S ALTAR TO WORSHIP HIM. WHAT DOES HE THINK OF OUR WINTER ONE-DER-LAND WORSHIP? BTW – Before the Roman shift in time, December 25th marked the ancient winter solstice, and this day was known throughout antiquity as the birthday of the pagan sun gods.

The Antiochus Antichrist did his homework. He outlawed and made punishable with death anything and everything that would keep God’s people holy. He desecrated God’s Holy Temple in Jerusalem with pig’s blood, and replaced it with a pagan temple to honor the Greek sun god. Antiochus also set up his own corrupt High Priest. He dissolved their Biblical calendar, because these people of the Book tried to keep their time holy. He prohibited God’s people from observing dietary laws that respected the sanctity of life, laws of family and marital purity, the sign of the Abrahamic covenant, and even the use of their God’s Name. All holy writings were confiscated, pig’s blood was poured on them, and then they were burned. And if that wasn’t enough, pagan Greek altars and temples were set up everywhere, so the people could demonstrate their “new devotion.”

This was the climate present in the little town of Modi’in, which became the cradle for the general revolt against the Antichrist System of their day. A devout family headed by Mattisyahu the Hasmonean had fled Jerusalem where the persecution was strongest. One day the king’s forces appeared in Modi’in, and demanded that all the townspeople offer up a sacrifice in the pagan fashion. The official representatives of the King Antiochus looked for the most respected man in town. The king’s emissaries attempted to convince the venerable Mattisyahu that it would be to his material, social and earthly advantage if he would set an example for the people. If Mattisyahu were to comply, he and his sons would be considered the pagan king’s “friends,” an official title that carried with it many privileges with not the least being a substantial sum of money.

As Mattisyahu was defiantly refusing to profane “The Name,” a renegade Jew neared the altar to save his own life by offering the pagan-required sacrifice. When Mattisyahu saw this, he was indignantly filled with rage. In the fashion of Phineas, Mattisyahu grabbed a sword from a Greek soldier and killed not only the Jewish renegade, but the Syrian-Greek emissaries of the king (Num 25:1-13).

Mattisyahu then proclaimed: “Whoever is zealous for God’s Word and is steadfast in the Covenant let him follow me!” Thus, Mattisyahu and his sons and entire family left all their worldly possessions behind in Modi’in and fled to the mountains in the Judean desert. Isn’t there an end-time prophecy about fleeing to the mountains and the Bride coming out of the desert leaning on her Beloved? Look it up. Well anyway, many others followed.

For more about the Maccabean ban of radicals who overcame overwhelming odds to preserve their religion from utter annihilation, and in the process most likely preserved the righteous foundation for any Judeo-Christian faith, check out:


~ Robin Main


(Sundown 12-03-2013)

How about some fiery new wine?!

The Feast of Dedication (Chanukah) celebrates the purification of God’s Temple, which is not only the preeminent house of worship in Jerusalem, but the Bible tells us that believers are the temple of the Holy Spirit: “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NLT).

The flame of the Holy Spirit burns inside and out of us, so we may be the light of the world. The miracle of the burning of the make-shift menorah at the first Chanukah signifies no matter how little oil one may have, God can always make it enough if we will only endeavor to do what is right in His eyes. This is a time when God Himself is literally communicating to individual members of His Body how He wants our temples dedicated as holy. Possibly the greatest mystery concealed within His Winter One-der-land of Chanukah speaks about cleansing our temple from the mystery of iniquity during this season to dedicate it anew for a holy purpose.

One of the greatest tests of the last days will revolve around the mark of the beast. From Revelation 13:17, we know that the mark of the beast is an economic symbol; because no one can buy, sell or trade in the world’s economic system unless they have received the beast’s mark. We also know from the preceding verse that worshiping the image of the beast will accompany his mark. What beastly image will people be worshiping in these last days? There are many answers to this question, but I believe that the simplest explanation is we will either worship God or ourselves.

“But understand this, that in the last days will come (set in) perilous times of great stress and trouble [hard to deal with and hard to bear]. For people will be lovers of self and [utterly] self-centered, lovers of money and aroused by an inordinate [greedy] desire for wealth, proud and arrogant and contemptuous boasters. They will be abusive (blasphemous, scoffing), disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy and profane… [They will be] lovers of sensual pleasures and vain amusements more than and rather than lovers of God” (2 Timothy 3:1-2, 4b AMP).

DISCUSSION: Please select how you’d like to involve others (there’s freedom to do whatever the Spirit leads):

[1] Is there areas in your Winter One-der-land of worship that can be cleanse according to God’s Word?

[2] What do you admire in the Maccabees fight to overcome the Anti-Christ in their day?

[3] How do you honor God with your body?


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Chanukah Day 6 – Devotional Reading
Originally published 12-02-2013
“The word of the LORD came to me: “What do you see Jeremiah? I see the branch of an almond tree,” I replied. The LORD said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.”(Jeremiah 1:11-12).

The word for almond tree in Hebrew sounds like the Hebrew word for watching. The delicate pink blossoms of the almond tree hail a first fruit in Israel. Its first tree fruit is also its seed. An almond seed is technically a kernel, which is the central or important part of a subject, plan, or problem. Also, know that the Hebrews see the almond tree as symbolic of the Tree of Life.

Almonds are associated with the Temple Menorah (Candlestick) of Exodus 25 fame. The cups of its seven lamps were shaped like almond flowers with buds and blossoms. Full almond blossoms symbolize life blooming while the almond buds symbolize the hope of new or renewed life. When things look dark and wintry do not despair, it is only a season for spring is near. Thank Yah (God) the almond tree is the first one to bloom in Jerusalem in the spring of the year!

TODAY IS THE DAY TO STEP INTO HIS WINTER ONE-DER-LAND TO EXPERIENCE THE LIGHT, LOVE AND LIFE OF THE WORLD COMING TO YOU IN A ONE-DER-FULL NEW WAY TO SEE THAT HIS WORD IS FULFILLED. Not only is Chanukah called the Feast of Miracles, but also the Feast of Lights. His finger is touching the most important parts in your life, whether they be plans or problems. Cast your cares on Him, and see Yah work with your eyes of faith.

The seven branches of Yah’s Light in His Temple are connected to the seven Spirits of God. The Light of His Manifest Presence is watching over His word to see that it is fulfilled. All that is given through the marvelous gift of the seven Spirits of God is designed to bring the Bride into a place where she is without spot or wrinkle.

The seven Spirit of God was the seven-fold nature of Christ, which Yeshua (Jesus) walked in here on earth: the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel, the Spirit of Might, the Spirit of Knowledge, and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord (Isa 11:1-2). Heaven’s will and the Seven Spirits of God enabled Yeshua to fulfill His high and holy calling, and so this will be for those of the Order of Melchizedek and of the Bride.

If one sees these lamps burning before His throne (Rev 4:5), they are the seven colors that make up the components of light. Condensed this spectrum of color is the substance of light. Yah’s command “let there be light” set the spiritual foundation of our earth, which is the Father’s love manifest in the seven-fold nature of Christ, and in Christ, all the protoplasm of the universe holds together. See .

The seven Spirits of God are part of the government of Yah – His ruling and reigning Kingdom – and they are resident in mature saints who bring increase of His government of peace and righteousness (Isa 9:7). Believers who mature into their royal priesthood function will have Christ’s Being lived out through them by means of the seven Spirits of God. These Spirits will promote God’s administrated will or government on earth through His end-time Royal Priesthood. Anyone who wills to do so can have this place in Him. The operation of the seven Spirits of God enables revelation to flow unabated in the Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek. This revelation reveals the deep, secret and hidden truths of God’s Kingdom, life in the Spirit, and God’s plans and purposes found in Christ.

~ Robin Main


(Sundown 12-02-2013)

The measure of light in every man is connected to “let there be light.” When a way is created for the Lord of Love to fill us and take ownership of our faculties, His divine life becomes our own life and animation. Yah will move heaven and earth to help someone who is singularly focused with all their heart, soul and strength on Him. Those who chose to die daily to the world to go deeper into Him will. If you are a slave to the world system, you’re not going to rule it. The call is high, and so is the price. He is God, and He knows what it’s going to take to get the world out of each one of us.

The Messiah’s royal priests will be willing to have the world removed from their souls to gain the seven Spirits of God, so they can rule and reign throughout the earth with the King. These seven Spirits of God, which are depicted as lamps burning before His throne, make up the components of light. The various colors representing the seven Spirits of God are:

[1] Red – the Spirit of the Lord (love, life, etc).
[2] Amber – the Spirit of Wisdom
[3] Yellow – the Spirit of Understanding
[4] Turquoise/Green – The Spirit of Counsel
[5] Light Blue – the Spirit of Might (Power)
[6] Indigo – the Spirit of Knowledge
[7[ Violet – the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

Condensed this spectrum of color is the substance of light. Yah’s command “let there be light” set the spiritual foundation of our earth, which is the Father’s love manifest in the seven-fold nature of Christ, and in Christ, all the protoplasm of the universe holds together.

DISCUSSION: Please select how you’d like to involve others (there’s freedom to do whatever the Spirit leads):

[1] What is something you’d like to see Yah fulfill in your life?

[2] Which one of the seven Spirits of God do you gravitate towards the most?


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Chanukah Day 5 – Devotional Reading
Originally published 12-01-2013
“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts” (Zechariah 4:6).

The quintessential verse of the Feast of Miracles is Zechariah 4:6. With each Biblical Feast, a different portal opens in the heavens over the earth. How many of you know that eternal truths and realities are always available, but there are seasons when a greater grace is given by Yah (God) for them to be realized?

The Lord’s Feasts are His occasions for celebrating, just as the Ten Commandments are His ordained commandments. Yah created us to celebrate Him His glorious and creative ways. Read the Gospels! Yeshua loved a party! His first miracle was at the wedding feast at Cana when He turned 180 gallons of water into fine wine (John 2:6).

The spring feasts of the Lord speak of Yeshua’s first coming. The fall feasts speak of Yeshua’s second coming. The winter feasts of Chanukah and Purim tell the story of the church and her journey until the Messiah comes again. Chanukah is not called a feast forever (like Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles, which are types and shadows of Yeshua’s ministry on earth). It’s a feast that celebrates the temporal walk of His church becoming the Bride.

What society has labeled “Jewish Feasts,” the Lord calls “the feasts of the Lord.” Significantly, He emphasizes: “They are MY feasts” (Lev 23:2). They have been called Jewish Feasts because remnants of Jewish people have faithfully rehearsed the feasts of the Lord since they have been instituted. All believers in the first century celebrated the feasts of the Lord, including Chanukah and Purim. It is the Christian Church’s primordial practice. Yeshua Ha Machiach (Jesus Christ) and the early church continued to observe the feasts laid out in His Word, because they understood that they portray the Messiah. These observances were not done for righteousness’ sake, for the early church embraced Yeshua’s sacrifice on the cross as the only way in which they could obtain their right standing in and before Yah.

Yesterday, we discussed that an Ancient Golden Gate of Thanksgiving and Awe has been prepared for this special season of lights, miracles and dedicating our temples to walk as Yeshua did. Every year this Chanukah portal opens to a greater grace to become ONE with Him as His pure and spotless Bride. This year His Winter One-der-land portal is not only resonating with awe, but with great grace. The number that speaks of great grace is “15” (5+5+5). It’s been 15 years, since Yeshua (Jesus) first came to me epiphanously. He was weeping as He told me: “The mixture of Christmas grieves My heart.” After He paused to let that bombshell sink in, He added: “Come out of Babylon and lay down Christmas, for I WILL have a pure and spotless Bride.” Please read: . THIS WILL BE KNOWN AS A YEAR OF GREAT MIRACLE-WORKING GRACE.

“Then he said to me, This addition of the bowl to the candlestick, causing it to yield a ceaseless supply of oil from the olive trees is the word of the Lord to Zerubabbel saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit of Whom the oil is a symbol, says the Lord of hosts. For who are you, O great mountain of human obstacles? Before Zerubbabel who with Joshua had led the return of the exiles from Babylon and was undertaking the rebuilding of the temple, before him you shall become a mere molehill! And he shall bring forth the finishing gable stone of the new temple with loud shouting of the people, crying, Grace, grace to it! (Zechariah 4:6-7 AMP).

~ Robin Main


(Sundown 12-01-2013)

The audio-visual displays of the prophetic reality of the Messiah’s first and second coming (portrayed in the Biblical Feasts) can only serve to bring His people into a deeper relationship with one another and with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Aligning with His calendar enables us to know and understand the Lord’s exact times for the world and set appointments for mankind.

Mo-ed is the Hebrew word translated as “feasts” in the KJV of Leviticus 23:2: “Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, Concerning the feasts of the LORD, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are My feasts.” Technically, mo-ed is not the Hebrew word for feasts, but it carries the concept of calling God’s people together for His sacred assemblies, which celebrate the annual recurrence of particular dates marking notable events. To mo-ed is to have an appointment, a fixed time or season, a cycle or year, an assembly, an appointed time, a set time or exact time. According to Scripture, the Sabbaths sets our weeks. The New Moons sets our months. The Lord’s festivals set our years.

In 2 Chronicles 8:13, the primitive root for mo-ed is the Hebrew word ya-ad, which is also defined as fixing an appointment – like writing a critical meeting in your day-timer. But more importantly, this primitive root implies that the Lord is summoning His people to meet Him at His stated time, He is directing us into a certain position, and He is engaging us for marriage (i.e. be betroth). Just as mo-ed in space refers to the locality where mankind has their appointed place of assembly for an appointed purpose, so mo-ed in time is a point in time which summons God’s people communally to an appointed activity. As it is written: “As You summon to a feast day” (Lamentations 2:22). “We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks, for your Name is near… You say, ‘I choose the appointed time” (Psalm 75:1-2). “Look upon Zion, the city of our festivals” (Isaiah 33:20). The question remains for Christians: If we aren’t celebrating the feasts of the Lord, can we truly be betrothed to Him?

DISCUSSION: Please select how you’d like to involve others (there’s freedom to do whatever the Spirit leads):

[1] What is the Spirit saying to you about the Feasts of the Lord (i.e. Biblical Feasts)?

[2] Is there a need for you to tap into His great miracle-working grace? If so, tap into this season of great grace when Yeshua walks in the place where all believers meet (i.e. Solomon’s Colonnade) declaring His miracles.


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Chanukah Day 4 – Devotional Reading
Originally published 11-30-2013
An Ancient Golden Gate of Thanksgiving and Awe has been prepared for this special season of lights, miracles and dedicating our temples to walk as Yeshua (Jesus) did. For those who choose to enter into Chanukah, there’s a greater grace given to become one with Him, as His pure and spotless Bride, as well as it being a door to a life that’s full of signs, wonders and miracles. If you need a creative miracle, it can be found in the Winter One-der-land where Yeshua walked in Solomon’s Colonnade.

The name “Feast of Miracles” is another term for Chanukah. When anyone asks why a Christian would celebrate Chanukah, the simplest and most direct answer is that Yeshua did.Jesus gave them this answer: ‘I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by Himself; he can do only what He sees His Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does’” (John 5:19). So when Yeshua celebrated Chanukah on earth, significantly, His Heavenly Father participated also. Stop and really think about that. Our precious Heavenly Father not only approved of Chanukah, but joined in the festivities. In fact, the days of Chanukah were designated as festivals of praise and thanksgiving, because His people recognized the annual return of the same kind of spiritual force that resulted in the original miracle.

The only direct reference to Chanukah in Scripture is John 10:22-23: “Then came the Feast of Dedication at Jerusalem. It was winter and Jesus was in the temple area walking in Solomon’s Colonnade.” Not only is Chanukah called the Feast of Miracles, but it’s also called the Feast of Lights and Feast of Dedication. Today, we are zeroing in on MIRACLES.

Jesus walked in Solomon’s Colonnade during the feast of Chanukah declaring His miraculous works plainly revealed that He was the Messiah. Israel’s priests had previously concluded that when they heard the testimony of someone being healed of the incurable disease of leprosy, it would be an obvious sign of the Messiah… that He had come. And not only that, but the Messiah would also restore the sight of someone born blind. The lame born lame would walk. When John the Baptist asked Jesus: Are you the One? Yeshua sent back the message: Tell John the blind see, the leper is cleansed, the lame walk and the captives are set free (Matthew 11:4-5). These and even greater works believers are still called to do.

How many of these miracles happen today? How many have you personally seen? DID YOU KNOW THAT THE CHURCH, UNIVERSALLY, WAS A SUPERNATURAL COMMUNITY PRIOR TO THE PAGAN FEASTS BEING INTEGRATED INTO THE CHURCH’S CALENDAR? We’ll go into how the assimilation of pagan feasts mixed the holy with the profane in God’s eyes and moved His manifest dwelling presence (evidenced by miracles) from His Sanctuary in a future post. For now, simply note that the first recorded evidence of Christmas actually taking place on December 25th isn’t found until the time of Constantine in 336 A.D.

For the first 300 years, nothing resembling Christmas existed in the Christian Church’s calendar. The Church followed the pattern established by the apostles. They experienced a life and a power the world could not comprehend. Christ’s Church, in its primal form, celebrated the Lord’s Feasts. Daily, even several times a day, miracles occurred. Jesus set precedence when He walked in Solomon’s Colonnade during the Feast of Miracles declaring the miracles done by God’s kingdom had come upon them.

Significantly, Solomon’s Colonnade was not only the place associated with miracles, but it was also the place ALL the believers met (Acts 5:12). It’s the place where His apostles performed many miracles, signs, and wonders among the people (Acts 3:11); but one might miss this fact, because Solomon’s Colonnade was on the east side of God’s Temple and sometimes the writers of Scripture referred to the Eastern Gate instead of Solomon’s Colonnade. Just like Chanukah, the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem has three names: [1] Eastern Gate, [2] Beautiful Gate, and [3] Golden Gate. This is the place where Yeshua returns: “For just as the lightning come from the east, and flashes even to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be (Matt 24:27 NASB). I believe this is a picture for us now spiritually with a future physical manifestation of Yeshua returning as well.

Recall that there’s a flaming sword, which turns every which way, to keep the way to the Tree of Life (Gen 3:24). The flame of the sword alludes to lightning coming from the east and from His throne (Rev 4:5). This flaming sword is the All-Consuming Fire who’s name is the Word of God that is truly able to as judge the thoughts and intents of our heart (Heb 4:12).

Now is the time to open up our ancient golden gates, so the King of Glory can come in (Psa 24:7). This is the Kingdom Day to worship God His way. This is the Kingdom Day where His set apart people will cleanse their temples, and will operate in signs, wonders and miracles as a result. God’s people need to first deal with the mixture that was brought into the church that cut it off from its holy and pure connection to its power supply. If you want to be part of His pure and spotless Bride and operate in her naturally supernatural state, you will have to pass through His gateway of awe that rids us of all mixture in His sight.

~ Robin Main


(Sundown 11-30-2013)

Yeshua walked in Solomon’s Colonnade during the Feast of Miracles declaring the miracles done by God’s kingdom had come upon them. All the passages that speak of Solomon’s Colonnade tell us it’s a place of miracles and where all believers met.

Solomon’s Colonnade is also called Solomon’s Porch. It was built by Solomon on the east side of the temple. From this side, the glory is supposed to fill God’s temple. A porch or portico is a covered area adjoining an entrance to a building and usually has a separate roof. Spiritually speaking, it represents the place where a believer already has entered the temple (i.e., a relationship with God), but not the building (i.e., become a permanent dwelling place for God). I believe that the celebration of Chanukah holds several keys for end-time believers.

Chanukah is celebrated in winter when things look asleep, just as all ten virgins in Matthew 25 were asleep because “the Bridegroom was a long time in coming” (Matt. 25:5). By the way, both the wise and foolish virgins are representative of believers.

DISCUSSION: Please select how you’d like to involve others (there’s freedom to do whatever the Spirit leads):

[1] Discuss what it means to walk with Yeshua in Solomon’s Colonnade in the winter.

[2] How would you like to see miracles manifest through Christ in you?

[3] What are your thought about Solomon’s Colonnade being the place where all believers meet?



If you’d like to learn a little more about HIS WINTER ONE-DER-LAND, please refer to:



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Bereshith – “In the beginning”
Chanukah Day 3 – Devotional Reading
Originally published 11-29-2013
“Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.” (Genesis 1:3-4 NKJV)

“Let there be light…” is the first declaration of God’s will in Scripture, but He could not have spoke it without first creating a language to communicate His thoughts. The human need to formulate thoughts in language, with letters being the language’s building blocks, only emulates how the Lord spoke in the beginning. Before God could speak the universe into existence, He had to first create the language to speak forth His will. “Thou didst create all things, and because of Thy will they existed, and were created” (Revelation 4:11).
A fundamental concept for Jewish mystics is that the letters of the Hebrew Alef-Bet were created first of all out of nothing but God’s desire – His divine will. They say, “By use of the letters, the Holy One, Blessed is He, created all the worlds.” Notice the hidden meaning behind the first verse in the Bible, “In the beginning God created alef- tav the heavens and the earth.” Alef being the first letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet while tav is the last of twenty-two.

Throughout Scripture there are random references to alef-tav that have been largely disregarded when Jews read their Bible, or when Scripture has been translated into other languages, including English. So far it seems that mainly Jewish mystics have tried to delve into the reason why those random alef-tavs exist in the written word. Perhaps these scholars have overlooked the Messianic reference in Isaiah 44:6 “Thus says the LORD, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the LORD of hosts: I am the first (alef) and I am the last (tav), and there is no God besides Me.” Yeshua (Jesus) declares in Revelation 1:8, “I am the Alpha and the Omega… who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Yeshua is the alef-tav or as He says, I AM the alef-tav, and there is no God besides Me.

The spiritual realm, where the Almighty dwells, is composed of perfection – pure thoughts and concepts – not needing to be clothed in words and letters. When Yeshua created the Hebrew Alef-Bet, He ordered spiritual forces of creation through its twenty-two sacred letters before there was even one other act of creation. The existence of everything created from people to pebbles depends upon the spiritual content with which it was created. By uttering the famous “Let there be…” words, the Word Yeshua created all of what can be classified as Creation:

“He is the image of the invisible God, the first born of all creation, for in Him all things were created, both in heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, … all things have been created through Him and for Him. And He has existed before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:15-17)

It has been a mystery to me how Yeshua “existed before all things” and was “the first born of all creation” at the same time. When one understands that the array of individual spiritual forces ordered via the Hebrew Alef-Bet were resident in Yeshua before those letters or that language was created, one can get a glimpse into the mystery of Jesus being the first born of all creation.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). The Word is made up of letters. “In the beginning God created alef-tav…” (Genesis 1:1) The letters — these individual spiritual forces – inherent in Christ were birthed from His essential, intrinsic essence, which was originally included wholly in the Word. The first born of all creation is the very thing that constitutes every living substance. It is the protoplasm of the universe. It is the individual spiritual forces that originally belonged, and still belong, to the nature of Christ. The first born of all creation is the letters of the Word – the Hebrew Alef-Bet. Basically, Jesus’ spoken words marshaled spiritual forces that facilitated Creation according to His divine will.

Like some sort of excellent, exalted scientist, Yeshua spoke the perfect blend of spiritual forces that produces light (Genesis 1:3). Another blend produces heaven and all its fullness (Genesis 1:6) Yet another blend produces vegetation yielding seed (Genesis 1:11), and so on ad infinitum. With the words, “Let there be…” creation came into existence in a time-space continuum at that primeval instant. The words that brought creation into being remain within in them and with us every instant. He “upholds all things by the word of His power” (Hebrews 1:3). Everything continues to exist because not an instant goes by without God continuing to say, in effect, “Let there be…” in the sense that the Divine will of the original six days remain in force.

~ Robin Main


(11-29-2013 Sabbath)

“In the beginning God created alef- tav the heavens and the earth” (Gen 1:1). If we don’t leave out one jot or one tittle, the literal translation of Genesis 1:1 speaks of “in the beginning God created” the Hebrew Alef-Bet first.

Given the fact that the Hebrew Alef-Bet is the protoplasm of creation. Given the fact that it pre-dated the rest of creation and is the first born of all creation, the letters and their order is vitally important. The Bible says that we are the letters of the Messiah written with the Spirit of the living God on tablets of human hearts (1 Corinthians 3:2-3). Christ in us the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27) is THE source of all true light and revelation, and He resides in the heart of every believer. He is the one that enlightens a person’s heart with a message from God.

As we eagerly await His coming, Let there be light! “Arise, My people! Let your light shine for all the nations to see! For the glory of the Lord is streaming from you. All nations will come to your light” (Isaiah 60:1-3)

DISCUSSION: Please select how you’d like to involve others (there’s freedom to do whatever the Spirit leads):

[1] Share an experience of being connected to the Light and any revelation that came with it.

[2] What is written on the tablet of your heart? What do you cherish?

[3] What does the phrase “Let there be light” mean to you personally?


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Chanukah Day 2 – Devotional Reading
Originally published 11-28-2013
The Intersection of Thanksgiving and Chanukah

With my husband being a descendant of three families from the Mayflower, it is no surprise that Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Then to top it off with Chanukah! Well… Talk about divine!!!

Just as Chanukah is a festival commemorating a miraculous eight day supply of oil, so is Thanksgiving a feast that came about by miracles. Let’s first quickly visit the miracle of Chanukah, then take a brief tour of the Pilgrims.

Pull up a chair. Let me tell you about a ban of radicals who overcame overwhelming odds to preserve their culture and religion from utter annihilation. Had Judah the Maccabee and a very small remnant not taken their courageous stand against the Antichrist (Antiochus Epiphanes IV), both Judaism and Christianity most likely would not exist today. Not only does Chanukah celebrate God’s peoples military victory by a small ragtag righteous remnant, but the miraculous provision of oil needed to light God’s Temple so they could clean it out and rededicate it to the Lord.

When the Maccabees stormed Jerusalem and its Temple, they found one flask of pure oil which still bore the unbroken seal of the High Priest in God’s Temple, as they sifted through the devastation. With no windows and eight days needed to make the purest oil, they took a gigantic step of faith when they lit the oil to begin to purify the Temple. Their faith was meet by the All-Sufficient God, who miraculously extended the oil to last eight days, not one. This is the reason we are given that the Feast of Dedication and Lights (Chanukah) is celebrated for eight days. Hum… Could the miraculous supply of oil and cleansing of God’s Temple be related to the parable of the five prepared virgins that have their lamps full when the Bridegroom comes (Matt 25:1-13)?

The Pilgrims would not have been accused of being wise their first year in the New World. Forty-five of the 102 Mayflower colonists died the first winter due to disease, lack of food, and general conditions on board ship in the Cape Cod area.

The Pilgrims that came to America in 1620 were nonconformists refusing to accept an authority beyond the revealed Word of God as well as insisting on the freedom to have one-on-one communication with God. With the Pilgrims, this translated to an egalitarian mode – the removal of inequalities among people. They were a logical fruit of the Reformation and the key to life for them was God’s written instructions in the Bible. Both the Pilgrims and Puritans sought to bring the church into a state of purity that matched, and even succeeded, faith as it had been in the time of Christ (Messiah). Their great hope in the King of Kings and the gospel of the Kingdom of God was what allowed any of them to survive. Miracles abounded.

Divine intervention was the name of the game in the harsh winter of 1620-21. Nearly out of food, they rationed five kernels of corn a day. Most of the mothers perished, because they gave their portions to their starving children. Though their suffering was intense, God’s hand was on them.

The first miracle was their blunder of missing the Hudson River, which caused them to suffer so greatly in Cape Cod, but it had actually saved them from being ambushed by a tribe that probably would have killed them.

The second miracle: When they emerged from the ship in the Spring, they desperately needed a large, plowed field, but they couldn’t fit plows on the Mayflower. They found three acres of plowed farmland that had been abandoned by the natives on the heights above Plymouth Rock.

The third miracle: An English speaking Native American named Samoset who walked up to the settlers and asked for some beer. Samoset then took them to meet the young brave Squanto who had been taken captive by Englishmen and escaped. When Squanto returned to the New World, the friendly chief of the Wampanoag tribe – Massasoit – living next to Plymouth took him in. Squanto taught the Pilgrims to grow maize (corn), which was a God-send because the wheat, rye and barley that they’d brought would not have taken to sandy soil.

The next fall, the crop thrived enough that the remaining Pilgrims decided to celebrate not only surviving, but thriving with their new found friends. When they invited Massasoit and his immediate family to come to a feast, little did they know that to the natives, family was 99 braves. Good thing that the Wampanoag tribe was so generous. They brought venison and wild turkey to share side-by-side, as one.

At the heart of Thanksgiving is the gratefulness everyone shared, as William Bradford put five kernels of corn on everybody’s plate. He then asked everyone there to tell of five things that they were thankful for that first year in Plymouth… and that my friends is considered our first Thanksgiving in America. Gratefulness was a deeply ingrained value, because they were grounded and founded in God’s Word.

~ Robin Main




“Command the Israelites to bring you clear oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning” (Exodus 27:20 NIV)

The Golden Lampstand in God’s Temple was only fed by the purest of olive oil. In fact, the oil that lit the Temple Menorah had to be pressed, not crushed. Do you feel hard pressed at times? Remember that that the Lord disciplines the ones He loves. To even harvest the olives, their trees must be battered with sticks. Then the olives are pressed or squeezed, depending on its use.

The oil for God’s Light had to be absolutely pure from the start; therefore, the oil was made meticulously by pressing each olive gently until one drop of pure oil emerged. What a picture of the care the Lord our God takes in our lives!

Exodus 27:20 says that the Golden Lampstand is to be lit continually. It was continual in the sense that it was kindled every single day without exception, being lit from evening until morning. Another fascinating fact about the very intricate Golden Lampstand is that it was made from one solid gold ingot. This was not just an average gold ingot, but a 125-pounder, which was supposed to represent indivisibility. It speaks of a person having one set of values – and only one – where all areas of your life must derive from the same set of values. Everything on and in the menorah had to be hammered out of the gold ingot, including the almond bud and blossom lamps. Nothing could be made separately, nothing. It would have been easier to make the pieces of the menorah separately, and then attach them; but God absolutely forbid His Temple Menorah to made in a piece mill fashion. You and all of mankind has been made in God’s own image (Genesis 1:26). Even though God perfectly made us as He designed and desires we are still bring formed into the image of the Son. Take heart everyone. The Bible tells us, “But He knows the way I take; when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold” (Job 23:10 NASB).

THINK ABOUT IT: Please select the participation questions that best suit you (or there’s freedom to do whatever the Spirit leads):

[1] Give five things that you are thankful for this past year.

[2] Discuss the making of the purest oil and how this relates to you.

[3] Do you ever wonder why God is taking His own sweet time in your difficult circumstance? Do you ever feel like He is meticulously pressing out one drop of pure anointing oil out of you? Please share.

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Chanukah Day 1 – Devotional Reading
Originally published 11-27-2013

At sundown tonight the Feast of Lights begins, with something unprecedented happening this year. Thanksgiving and Chanukah will coincide – an extremely rare event! The LORD is telling me that THERE IS A SPECIAL AND GREAT GRACE GIVEN THIS SEASON FOR GOD’S PEOPLE TO ENTER HIS WINTER ONE-DER-LAND GATES WITH THANKSGIVING (Psalm 100:4).

Winter One-der-land is a mystery, which God has held for such a time as this. We shall all be changed. We shall all be gathered together in ONE according to His grace (Eph 1:10). There are several doors by which our oneness will manifest. One of those doors opens at sundown tonight. A Winter One-der-land portal of oneness opens, and we all get to choose whether to enter this Kingdom reality, or not. A gateway of awe has been prepared for this special season of lights, miracles and dedicating our temples to walk as Jesus did. “Then came the Feast of Dedication at Jerusalem. It was winter and Jesus was in the temple area walking in Solomon’s Colonnade” (John 10:22-23). Just as a reminder, we are told in 1 John 2:6 that the one who says he abides in God that person will walk in the same manner as Jesus walked.

Not only did Yeshua (Jesus) walk in Solomon’s Colonnade during the Feast of Dedication declaring His miraculous works are plainly revealed, but Acts 5:12 informs us that all the believers met together at Solomon’s Colonnade. Did you get that? ALL – every single believer – met on the east side of the temple – the location of Solomon’s Colonnade both physically and spiritually. BTW – Chanukah (Hannukah) has three additional names depicting its spiritual realities: the Feast of Dedication, Feast of Lights and the Feast of Miracles.

If you’d like to learn a little more about HIS WINTER ONE-DER-LAND, please refer to:



Several people have told me that they’d like to enter His Winter One-Der-Land Gates with Thanksgiving this year, but they need a little assist. Without going into a lot of background (we will speak of these things as the 8 days of Chanukah progress), we are going to post a daily Chanukah Devotion for those who would like a little help as well as instructions on how to kindle the Chanukah candles.

Chanukah is not one of the seven “feasts of the Lord” specified in Leviticus 23, but one of the two winter feasts mentioned in the Bible. If we operate on the premise that the entire Bible is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16-17), we need to contemplate why these feasts are in God’s Word. The seven feasts are audio-visual displays of the prophetic reality of the Messiah’s first and second coming. These winter feasts depict the church’s journey to become His pure and spotless Bride.

Christian scholars have used Colossians 2:16-17 to rationalize why Christians no longer exclusively celebrate the Lord’s Feasts (Lev 23:2). “Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath Day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.” Yeshua is the substance; but we must comprehend that a shadow always resembles its substance. When the Bible says it’s a shadow of things to come, it means that we will be answering to the Creator who is casting the shadow. BTW – There is no mixture in the Holy One of Israel.

Believers are not told not to celebrate the Lord’s feasts in Col 2:16-17, but not to let anyone judge us with regard to them. Meaning we are not to criticize, censure, condemn, or punish people on how they celebrate a Biblical Feast. However, there is an assumption in the statement “Don’t let anyone judge you” that God’s people are already eating, drinking, and celebrating these things listed. It is similar to Matthew 6’s “when you pray,” “when you fast,” and “when you give to the needy.”

So with these things in mind, I will briefly share how my Christian family has celebrated Chanukah for the past 15 years. We keep it very simple. It’s mainly a time for coming to the Lord’s Table to connect to Him as well as with family and friends. We make as many special meals as we can with special linens, dishes, etc. Potluck is the order of the day when larger numbers get together. If we don’t have time to do a special meal, it’s just fine to dedicate our mac-n-cheese to Him 😉 The point is to connect to the One who still walks in Solomon’s Colonnade and still performs miracles in that place. We light candles, like our Jewish brethren, because there are some very deep and profound truths behind that as well as facilitating a particular One New Man in the Messiah oneness between Jews and Gentiles. After we light the candles and say a blessing over them, we read a short devotional and share our hearts. Then to top it all off we open small gifts. Our son was 5-years-old when we came out of Babylon and laid down Christmas, to become part of His pure and spotless Bride, so giving gifts is something we do. Do you have to? Definitely not. But with one of my love languages being gift giving, I really like it! That’s about it. Hope you enjoy today’s short, but sweet devotion. The Lord wanted me to recycle HAYAH. Try it! You’ll be amazed at the Winter One-der-land heavenly portal that will open! Have fun and give em heaven!!!

~ Robin Main




In Exodus 3:14, we are told. God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” In the original Hebrew, it is commonly translated “I will be who I will be” – HAYAH. “Hayah” can be simplified into a righteous State of Being that resonates at the same frequency in which it was originally created.

“Hayah” is a unique verb. It carries a meaning in the past of what was done. It carries a meaning in the future of what will be done, but a presence tense does not exist for this verb. Instead, it is given that the verb “to be” is just there. It’s who you are, like “I Son” the “am” in “I am Son” is already understood to exist, and it manifests in what a person is actually doing. This is all of our present reality. Let it BE LOVE.

THINK ABOUT IT: Please select the participation questions that best suit you (or there’s freedom to do whatever the Spirit leads):

[1] What’s your present reality? What are you doing to show His Kingdom and His righteousness to those around you?

[2] What are some simple or creative ideas to show others the I AM WHO I AM in you?

(This devotional was part of a previous post: LET YOUR “I AM WHO I AM” LOVE LIGHT SHINE! .)


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